Teaching Model

The recommended teaching structure for these lessons is Fisher and Frey’s Gradual Release of Responsibility model, as described in their work Better Learning Through Structured Teaching: A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility.  Essentially, for each new concept students will encounter, they will go through at least three of the steps in the chart below.  Each concept must first be introduced to the students using a focus lesson.  In the case of the OSSLT, this lesson may be on how to read and analyze a news report. Then, the teacher will lead the class through the first example of the concept.  This is called guided instruction.  For this course, it is recommended that real OSSLT examples be used.  These tests are published by EQAO on their website.    Third, depending on the complexity of the concept, students will collaborate to complete a second example.  Once the students are ready, they will complete a final example independently.  The goal is to facilitate the growth of confidence in students by giving them multiple opportunities to tackle the OSSLT, with the teacher, with their peers and finally, independently.
grrThe video below will explain more about this model of teaching:


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