About the Courses

This website provides different variations on a 20 lesson OSSLT preparation program, originally conceived of to meet the specific needs of the students of the London International Academy, in London Ontario.  Each lesson is envisioned to be an hour length.  Each lesson is structured according to Fisher and Frey’s Gradual Release of Responsibility model (click here for a more detailed explanation).

Finally, the course is meant to tackle the OSSLT directly (“teaching to the test”).  As such, this is an OSSLT program, not a complete literacy program.  In my experience, a teacher’s professional judgement guided by knowledge of the specific students in front of him/her, is the necessary ingredient to any successful program.

Most of the resources used for this program are from my OSSLT File Cabinet website.  Feel free to use or adapt any of this material for your own purposes.

Dominic Dedato


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